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Easily manage your entire clinic from one place

Fusion EMR Features Wheel


Easily manage your schedule with a calendar that fully integrates with the rest of your practice, from documentation to insights.



Quickly document appointments with smart documentations and any of our 80+ pediatric specific templates.



Automatically generate defensible claims based on appointment documentation. Electronic claims and automated remittances eliminate billing by hand.



Grow your practice and make informed decisions with Fusion’s Insights. Use drag-n-drop reporting to track the data that matters to you.

Schedules Icon Scheduling

Fully Integrated and Easy to Manage Calendar at the Heart of Fusion
Clinic Scheduling Function Inside Fusion Web Clinic EMR
Click n’ Drag Calendar

Quickly update and edit your appointment calendar. Set recurring appointments and send automated reminders.

Color-code Preset Appointment Types

Plan your week at-a-glance. Use our built-in appointment types or customize your own, then color-code for easy identification.

Multiple Viewing Options

Compare staff schedules on the fly. View all therapists’ calendars from one screen, then sort or filter by location and specialty.

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Documentation Icon Documentation

Fast and Flexible Documentation System Built For Pediatric OT, PT, & Speech Therapy
Pediatric Content

Decrease time spent on documentation with our customer built pediatric templates, saving you time on daily notes and evaluations.

Visual Patient Goal Tracking

Graphically track patient progress. View patient progress during daily notes and place progress graphs of individual goals in patient reports.

Standardized Test

Quickly record assessments with pre-built templates for the most popular standardized tests in your specialty, using any metric you need.

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Screenshot of Goal Tracking in the Fusion EMR

Billing Icon Billing

Automated Billing System Gets You Paid Faster and Keeps Your Charges Defensible
Screenshot of Fusion EMR Automated Billing
Auto-Generate Claims

When you complete the documentation for an appointment, Fusion automatically generates a claim tied directly to the daily note.

Electronic Remits

Complete claims in minutes, not hours. Electronically complete and revise claims, using our automated E.O.B. system.

Payer Consolidation

Do you need to bill to a school system or state agency? Easily build and process master bills for third party payers.

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Analytics and Insights Icon Insights

Real-time Insights to Clinic Performance at Your Fingertips
Fully-Integrated Insights

Stay in control with real-time clinic performance dashboards. Give yourself decision-making super powers with a snap-shot view of what’s going on and where to focus your time.

Monitor, Track, and Analyze

Quickly view and track the who, what, where, when, why and how much of every part of your clinic. Run and measure your reports over specific time periods to get a detailed look at what’s working and what’s not.

Custom Report Builder

Easily build, review and export the data you need to stay on top of the details that matter most to you and your business.

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Screenshot of Fusion EMR's Reporting and Insights Tools

How can Fusion transform your clinic?

Christina L.
Owner - Child's Play OT Services, LLC
“Fusion has made documentation painless, if that’s possible. It is entirely customizable which is fantastic. It exactly suits a pediatric OT clinic.”
Pia S.
Owner - Step by Step Pediatric Therapy Center
“The software is easy to use so it does not take a lot of time to train new staff. Our administrators use it to manage all aspects of patient administration and our clinic supervisors can easily monitor staff compliance.”
Monica B.
Owner - Innovative Expressions
"The organization of Fusion has significantly helped us in writing complete reports in a timely and efficient manner. When I see reports that are written on other systems I’m very glad that we chose Fusion.”
McKenzie K.
ollections Specialist - Marshall Pediatric Therapy
“Fusion offers a visual appeal and reassurance to claims and their status. As a collector, I spend most of my time in the “not paid” and “rejected” features which increases my time efficiency and the happiness of my manager. I am able to narrow down the problem claims this way. Fusion is my friend!”